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Roxanna Moznabi makes luxury collections and one off pieces. Her jewellery is built to last, to become a precious treasure that will be passed down through generations.

Her work is based around the exploration of the artistic and romantic cultural history of Persian designs, legends and motifs using simplicity and elegance, combining her research with her love for architecture.

She uses other influences, fusing different cultures and styles to create dynamic, exotic and contemporary designs using traditional methods combined with the latest technology.

Her aspiration is to remain passionate about creating luxury jewellery. Roxanna ensures her products reflect the level of craftsmanship she has practiced and been inspired by.

Roxanna honed her bench skills working for two top jewellers in both Chichester and Birmingham for a combined five years. Her creativity was enhanced during the completion of the Desgin For Industry BA Hons course at the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2014.


web: www.moznabijewellery.com

mob: 07972 271448

email:  roxanna@moznabijewellery.com

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