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Striking jewellery is handmade in my workshop in Staffordshire. I incorporate intricate and delicate designs often to create recognisable forms.

I design and hand-make all pieces using traditional techniques. Developing wearable pieces with a contemporary design and high quality finish. A number of collections are available, often representing animals, wildlife, plants and trees. There is something about recognisable pieces, which has the ability to remind us of fond memories.

I have spent 8 years undertaking training in jewellery making, perfecting the skills necessary to make high quality jewellery. I particularly enjoy saw piercing and the intricate designs and effects that can be achieved from this technique are pivotal to my work.

Pieces are available in sterling silver and gold and often adorned with unique precious gemstones.


web: www.phoenix-tree.co.uk

tel: 0121 212 1551

mob: 07989 895770

email:  phoenixtree1@yahoo.co.uk

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